Princeton Leather Sofa, Loveseat and Recliner Chair Set

3pc Princeton Tri-Tone Leather Sofa Loveseat & Recliner Chair Set
  • You will receive a total of 1 sofa, 1 loveseat and 1 recliner chair.
  • Sofa Dimension: 83.5"L 39"W 37"H
  • Loveseat Dimension: 62"L 39"W 37"H
  • Recliner Dimension: 42"L 39"W 37"H
  • Finish: Tri-Tone Burgundy
  • Material: Top Grain / Spilit
  • 3 pieces sofa, loveseat and recliner chair from the Princeton Collection.
  • Tri-Tone Leather, decorative moldings and individually placed nail heads highlight this sets gentle curves.
  • Tri-Tone leather is a carefully crafted cover which blends 3 colors to create this high end look.
  • Item features hardwood frame, webbed base construction, 1.8 cushion with Dacron wrap.
  • Matching Occasional Coffee table set is sold separately.

Sitting room and the living rooms are the most prominent and the exposed part of the interior of our house. Whenever someone comes to visit you will always keep them at these places thus it is the interface of your house and your personality to the outer world. The outlook of the personality and the house matters so much in this world where the first impressions are the most fundamental and of decisive nature. In the interior designing the aspect of seating arrangements is a challenging task which must be handled with great care and foresight.

Interior designers take into account the lighting, color and the space of the area into account before deciding on particular furniture types. Being a customer the basic requirement in case of seating furniture is the level of comfort and the beauty and excellence it imparts to the surroundings. The 3 piece Princeton Tri-Tone Burgundy Leather Sofa Loveseat & Recliner Chair Set is one of the finest choices for you. It is the most beautiful and elegant piece of craftsmanship and art. It is built with care and expertise and the webbed construction imparts durability and strength. The frame of the sofa and the loveseat is made from hardwood frame. Hardwood is not only strong, durable and reliable but is also aesthetically beautiful. Decorative moldings are used to add to the beauty of the piece of furniture .The most important characteristic of the furniture that we have not yet mentioned is the comfort of the seat. The sofa is built from the top grain leather of the highest quality. It is soft and comfortable, the most relaxing seat you can imagine. It is the one thing that everyone desires the most in their relaxing chairs and sofas, because you sit in them to relax and forget the long day that you have just passed.

One of the best things that this has to offer is that this set offers a sofa, a loveseat and a recliner chair which provides a seating arrangement for about 6 people. This also offers a variety of forms of relaxation you can enjoy with your friends or the loved ones relax, watch televisions or relax in solitude on your recliner seat and refresh by forgetting the tense moments and savoring the happy memories which are the health tonic for a troubled and tired mind.
The Princeton Tri-Tone Burgundy Leather Sofa Loveseat & Recliner Chair Set is a must have in your home and I would personally recommend for your living room.

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