Lexington Modern Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair

Eero Aarnio was a ball chair designed with only elegance and simplicity in mind. The majesty of the design was in its simplicity yet uniqueness. This type of a design usually attracts a lot of people, who are unconventional and innovative in their taste. The design is a geometric beauty. The concept is based on one of the simplest and yet the graceful geometric body- the sphere. Do not take only my word for the innovative design see what others have to say. The Vitra Design Museum notes in its brochure on the Ball Chair miniature: “It is something between a piece of furniture and a piece of architecture and at the same time embodies the mobile and the established, the fixed.”

Lexington has slightly modernized this concept in this new product: Lexington Modern Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair. It has design that looks like a space pod from the back and is thus furniture of choice for the people with exquisite taste in interior d├ęcor. It is an ingenious design lavishly endowed with uses and benefits. Its exterior is truly a wonder with molded fiber glass shell and a matching fiberglass base. It also has an integrated swivel mechanism in the base and thus gives you mobility to change your view. It has a gel coated finish preventing scratches and chipping thus ensuring durability and long age.

This chair is not all about looks but is as comfortable and relaxing as any other lounge chair you can find in the market. You can call this Lexington Modern Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair a room with in a room as it provides you with a sense of seclusion and calm. You can just drop down in it out of sight for a nap or refreshing time in your own world and spring out again in to the fast and furious world outside. It cuts out outside and allows you to absorb in to your own self meditate, relax or have a phone call without outside disturbances. The fabric lined interior provides with a sense of privacy and relaxation and the plush cushions are just fabulous experience.

Having a ball chair is dream and a fantasy as the real Eero Aarnio ball chairs cost a fortune and are essentially museum pieces but Lexington has brought your dreams to the fabric of reality and at an affordable price.Lexington Modern Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair is a priceless gift and a treasure which you must have around your lounge.

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