Black Leather and Merlot Frame Recliner with Matching Ottoman

This "Oslo Collection" model remains Norwegian Styling at it's best, with matching motion chair and ottoman. Features include 360 degree parameter swivel for stable setting and adjustable reclining back which is personalized by one single handle to any position. Matched to a contoured angle ottoman to complete the therapy seating of full body personalized comfort. All "Oslo Collection" models include "MX-2" memory foam, with 1" over the top of solid cored foam seating for support and long lasting comfort. This model is covered in "Top-Grain" leather everywhere you touch, in a rich "Black" color to match the warm "Merlot" wood frame finish. Complimented by the matching ottoman.

Human body is a machine and like all machines becomes over heated and weary after a long hard day. Rest and relaxation always help. They help in refreshing a tired body and worn out mind. For the proper function of humans it is necessary that mind and body work together in closed coordination. All you need is a nap. Mac Motion Chairs Model 2-Piece Recliner with Matching Ottoman Black Leather is just the thing for you. You can place it in your study or in your office.

Well you would think that I have gone mad. How can anyone keep a recliner in their office? Well that is the biggest advantage of Mac Motion Chairs Model 2-Piece Recliner. You just hideaway the foot rest and remaining part becomes an amazing office chair. It has 360 degree rotation and can be reclined to suit your comfort level. It has high grain smooth and soft leather that is strong, durable and comforting. As it is a recliner that has been designed for the purpose of relaxing the whole body thus both the seat and the foot rest are padded so as to keep human body in proper shape and not to put undue pressure on the sensitive body areas. The chair has lumbar support. This means that it lower back in proper shape and posture. Moreover it relaxes the body so that it can rejuvenate its strength.

This piece of furniture is structurally strong and the wood has been processed and finished to retain strength and shine for a long amount of time. In any recliner the mechanical parts that cause the reclining and the footrest to jump outwards can rust, wear and tear with passing time. By splitting into two parts the mechanical parts and contacts are reduced thus increasing durability. Having the recliner and the ottoman in two different pieces greatly increases the utility. We can use ottoman with any other chair or sofa for our convenience. Merlot frame and black leather combination is truly magnificent and beautiful. The soft texture of the leather and the complimenting dark and warm color creates a sense of calm and tranquility. The merlot finish and the Norwegian style make it a classic piece of craftsmanship.

Mac Motion Chairs Model 2-Piece Recliner with Matching Ottoman Black Leather with Merlot Frame is essential and a must have item for your indoor d├ęcor, whether it be your office or home. I hope you enjoy the refreshing experience.

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