Heritage Style Butler Trunk Coffee Table

1135140 Dimensions: -19.5" H x 38" W x 18" D ,61 lbs. Collection: -Loft collection. Warranty: -1 Year warranty.

Everyone has a thing for fancy designs and exquisite items but some people do not express them or are afraid to do so. People think that it is childish to have themed furniture that the older people do not look good in such a position. Well everyone has a liking to certain things and it is never late to admit it and to show it to the world. It is your life and you have every right to live it as you wish.

Well, did you ever think of yourself as a naval commander the captain of a ship with the wealth of the seven seas and the lands beyond, within your dominion? Did you ever think of yourself as the Lord Commander of the armies ruling the lands and the oceans, leaning over a map of the world made on the most exquisite wooden table and deciding your next move looking over as the King of Kings and the armies of the world in your grasp and for you to command. Sorry, for I got carried away in my imagination but all of you who share my dreams will know the craze of such fantasies. Anything in the real world that gives you the hint of your dreams is nothing less than a priceless treasure. This is also true for the Butler Specialty Trunk Coffee Table because it is the most beautiful coffee table that is made in the shape of the old antique trunk with a world map finish. It has two charms one for the adventurous mind and the other for the man with a taste of classics and antiquities.

Butler Specialty Trunk Coffee Table is a must have for anyone with a fine taste of furniture items that have the unique style and the majestic royal touch. It is something that combines quality and simplicity with elegance and majesty. The style is unique and the concept is also captivating. The Butler Specialty Trunk Coffee Table is a piece of craftsmanship and art. It is the embodiment of adventure, love and warmth. It is not just a coffee table but is a piece of art and carries the adventure and the chivalry of the warriors and the craftsmanship of the antique designers. It gives your room the look and the grace that you always want. If you think of furniture as the reflection of your inner self, do have Butler Trunk Coffee Table at your place.

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