Harvest Cherry Executive Desk

First impression is the last impression. This statement matters in every walk of life. Business is all about making good and solid impressions. Things like organization, arrangement, dressing, choice of colors it all matters. Why I am telling you all this in this article about a piece of furniture. Well guys you believe it or not furniture is deeply linked with organization. It is in human nature that his surroundings represent his true personality and the choice of furniture is a fundamental aspect in the indoor environment.

If you are a guy with a desk job you will know that a good desk is as important to an executive as a well-organized workshop to an engineer and a well-planned assembly line to a manufacturing firm. This table is made to perfection by ‘Bush Furniture’ and has fine pleasing harvest cherry finish. It has an eighteenth century style and magnificent brass pulls. It has three filling drawers and two box drawers which are lockable for security. 66’’ desktop provides a large and spacious work space. Filling and box drawer help in keeping you organized and well arranged. Most of the things that clutter the desktop go into the drawers and only the work at hand is on the desktop. A good manager keeps his desktop clean and this desk helps a lot in becoming one.

Bush Furniture has combined eighteenth century classic design with modern day utility. They have lived up to their high quality standards. The desk has been rigorously tested for scratch, stain and abrasion resistance. It has a guarantee of 10 years. Desk is the most prominent item in any office and casts the first impression on the visitor. I am sure that with this beauty in your office you will be surprised at its awe inspiring beauty and magnificence. It adds to the elegance with its sleek and smooth look. The harvest cherry finish seals the deal.

This desk looks outstanding in picture just wait till you see it live! It is majestic and awesome. You have to feel it for yourself. The desk is proportionally balanced. Everything ranging from its length and breadth to the height is tuned to provide maximum utility in the modern day office environment. It has been tested to provide strength and stability and to withstand excessive use. All these features and looks make it a must have item in offices and studies.

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