Cottage Look Abbeville Bathroom Sink Vanity

Dimensions: 26.5 x 21.5 x 34 Inch (h)

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The plantation-inspired look of this cottage-style sink cabinet will add casual elegance to any bathroom decor.

With shutter-style doors and faux finish, this bathroom vanity offers a look that will create a relaxing retreat in any home.

Optional back splash avaiable; $45 pls call to add

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True beauty is complete and flawless. It is not a big deal to maintain the beauty and the grace of the living rooms and the lounges but the true indicator of the beauty is the places and the spots in the house that are used most often and exposed to dirt and water. These spots are most often well hidden from the outside visitors but will cause shame and awkward moments. These places are the most the dreaded the bathroom and the kitchen sink. These place are the most difficult to keep clean and to blend in with the surrounding décor. Moreover the plumbing adds to the disgusting and dirty look. Thus in a well-furnished and decorated house a bathroom sink becomes an eye sore.

The most ingenious and innovative solution is to use a bathroom sink vanity. This is the simplest way to hide the ominous plumbing and more over provides extra space to store things. A vanity is like a cabinet with an inbuilt sink and faucets coming out of the top. It adds to the beauty of the bathroom and also makes it easy to manage the cleanliness of the sink which is often an arduous task which people dread doing. The benefits of the vanity are that it is the place where people spend most of their time grooming and dressing up. It includes brushing, rinsing, washing, cleaning and make up etc. So it is most important that you choose the vanity with utmost care. It holds the sink and provides the place for other bathroom toiletries. Moreover the vanity can blend in perfectly with any interior décor style.

The 26″ Cottage look Abbeville Bathroom Sink vanity Model CF28323 is a plantation inspired bathroom vanity model that is designed to be space efficient and to pleasing to the eye. It has marble top that adds to the functionality and the elegance. Moreover the polished and the smooth finish of the marble are easy to clean and maintain. It has a white under mount sink that looks beautiful with the wooden work of the cabinet. It also has a pre-cut back panel to ease the excess to the plumbing. The under mount sink is also advantageous when view from the point of view of aesthetics and cleaning.

I would advise you as a well-wisher to install theAbbeville Bathroom Sink vanity Model CF28323 in your bathroom to give it a complete makeover.

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