Chocolate Stained Walnut Triple-Wide Enclosed Cabinet

The star of any home theater, we dare you to keep your eye on the TV. Ola's curved design integrates deep components storage behind curved glass doors that appear to wrap around to the cabinet's sides. The versatile center section is the perfect spot for a center channel speaker or additional components.

Order and arrangement bring a beauty and majesty to the interior decoration of the house. It is an accepted truth that a clean and well-arranged house never fails to captivate the heart. Imagine yourself going to a friend’s place and finding it orderly and ordered you will be awed and will go home and say:” Man that place was awesome!” You will fantasize living in a similar house. Well everyone wants their house to have the same magical look as it was a palace in the heavens, but they do not even try thinking that it is difficult and expensive. You do not need an expensive look to look beautiful but beauty is in simplicity, cleanliness and uniqueness.

When we place a television in the lounge it creates a mess and poses serious organization problems. The TV along with its accompanying gadgets creates a mess of jumbled up wires gathering dust and compromising safety, because twisted and jumbled wires can break and cause short-circuit. This is an extremely undesirable situation as it not only reduces the gadget life but can result in extensive damage. A simple table cannot be used to solve these problems, as the exposed gadgets look bad and the whole thing just looks out of place in the interior décor. Moreover we need a solution to keep the gadgets hidden and their wires arranged and straight. We also need the table to have proper air flow so that the components do not overheat.

The answer to all these problems is the BDI Ola/8137 Triple-Wide Enclosed Cabinet made of Chocolate Stained Walnut. Walnut is one of the most exotic hardwoods to be used in the furniture industry. English and the black walnut are the most used in the furniture industry. The color of the walnut varies dramatically from light to dark brown. The wood towards the center of the tree is dark and the wood towards the bark is light in color the grain straight. The main quality of the walnut is that it carves and holds its shape well so is widely used for furniture requiring fine carving and intricate designing. The cabinet has IR- friendly stained glass which keeps the gadget out of view and thus gadgets can be operated without opening the doors.

The BDI Ola/8137 Triple-Wide Enclosed Cabinet made of Chocolate Stained Walnut is the furniture of choice for your TV Lounge. It will blend in nicely with all interiors.

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