Natural Stained Cherry TV Cabinet From BDI Avion

The perfect media cabinet for medium-sized home theater systems, packed with user-friendly features. BDI's award-winning Avion collection is engineered to delight AV enthusiasts and design connoisseurs alike. It’s beautiful furniture to be sure, but it’s what you don’t see that makes this collection a masterpiece. Signature features are built into the cabinet ensuring it performs almost as well as the electronics that it holds.

Storage is one of the most problematic departments of a household. It is very difficult to properly arrange the storage to accommodate space, ease of access and interior decoration. The internal décor is very important in the outlook and comfort ability of the house. It is the aim all the households to utilize every possible nook and cranny to maximum utility. A good plan is to devise such a scheme that most of the items are out of way and the alleys are not crowded. This is necessary if senior citizens or children are also a part of the household.

One of the most effective implementations is to store items in drawers under stove, microwave, sinks, computers and televisions. These things make an area around them unusable any other use so the area must be effectively used for storage. BDI Avion 8929 quad wide enclosed cabinet is a piece of furniture tailor made for such usage. It is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship and has an innovative design. It has hidden wheels thus it is easy to move by a single person even when fully loaded. One side back of wheeled furniture is that the wheels make a beautiful masterpiece look like a nuisance. But BDI Avion 8929 has hidden wheels and thus looks proportionally appropriate.

As this particular furniture is designed to house a television and other electronic gadgets that form the backbone of the modern family’s entertainment system, it has an excellent cable management system. This puts an end to tangled wires and cables and also prevents undue twisting and bending. These also protect against undue wear and tear and short circuiting, thus increasing component life. Different components are of different sizes so it is inefficient from the point of view of storage space to have fixed shelf sizes. BDI Avion 8929 keeps this perfectly in mind by providing adjustable shelves.

It is a well-known fact that overheating is a killer in case of electronics. Heat is constantly produced by electronics at work especially high performance video equipment. This heat must be continuously vented to prevent overheating. For this specific purpose it has a vented design to allow air to circulate through the bottom cupboards and thus the problem overheating is taken care of. Natural stained cherry seals the deal. It is comforting, pleasant to the eye and blends in with almost all interior decors. BDI Avion 8929 Quad Wide Enclosed Cabinet is an important and a must have in any house hold.

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