Catskill Craftsmen Original Super Island Plus

Catskill Craftsmen has become the nation's leading manufacturer of ready-to-assemble domestic hardwood kitchen islands, carts, and work-centers. Catskill Craftsmen manufactured items are made from naturally self-sustaining, non-endangered North American hardwoods, primarily Northern Yellow Birch. Lumber is purchased from area sawmills, then dried, manufactured, and packaged on site. All sawdust, shavings and waste materials generated during the manufacturing process is converted into wood pellet fuel, and used to heat homes. Catskill's exotic Super Island Plus is an enormous work center for the kitchen that features adjustable shelves that can be completly removed to allow for greater storage space. Other features include raised panel doors and drawer front, locking caster wheels, a knife rack, towel bar, enclosed cabinet storage, and a single wide drawer routed to look like two drawers. This solidly constructed island has a hardwood butcher block top with solid hardwood legs, braces, door and drawer. Warp resistant hardwood veneer back and side panels allow for easy assembly, and rugged stability throughout the life of the island.

Kitchen is the mirror of the household. It reflects the outlook and the personality of the owner quite effectively. Like whole of the house the storage capacity and the maximization of utility is very important while designing the layout of the kitchen. Additional storage is always important and fundamental in designing a beautiful and safe kitchen. A good kitchen keeps everything properly stored in cabinets and drawers; this increases the aesthetics and gives an impression of organization and expertise. It not only impresses others that visit you but also has a positive effect when you are cooking. It has a refreshing outlook and captivating grandeur.

Kitchen Islands are key furniture that you want to keep in your kitchen. Like every workplace the environment and the arrangement affects the work very heavily. A kitchen island adds highly to the utility of your kitchen. It contributes as an extra storage facility with cabinets and drawers and also provides an extra working area. It can also be used as an extra seating facility. A moving Kitchen Islands is very useful to have around a kitchen. You can use it effectively when cooking huge meals as a movable workplace and can eventually roll it out of your kitchen to create extra space. Benefits of having a god Kitchen Island are numerous and as we will further see that Catskill’s Original Super Island Plus is the best kitchen island that you can possibly have.

Catskill’s Original Super Island Plus is an artistic piece of craftsmanship with adjustable shelves that can be removed for more space. It has a knife stand, locking caster wheels and a long drawer routed to look like two. It has raised front panel doors for the cabinets and drawers and a towel stand. The simple yet majestic style of woodworking is what makes this a masterpiece.

Catskill Craftsmen are also unique in the sense that they are the one of the biggest manufacturers of ready to assemble kitchen hardwood furniture. They use the natural and self-sustained hardwoods that are not endangered especially the northern yellow birch. The quality of the natural hardwood furniture is its shine and durability. Its back is made of veneer which is unwrap able and retains it shine for a long period of time as it is resistant to cracking due to weather effects.

All the qualities mentioned above make Craftsmen Catskill’s Original Super Island Plus make a must have item.


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