Bobkona Rui Leather Reversible Sectional Sofa with Matching Ottoman

The sleek and smooth style of the 2-piece sectional sofa suites a home décor of modern fashion. The "Rui" features interchangeable furnishings covered in a bonded leather match, accent pillows and a matching cocktail ottoman with a storage unit. (Available in dark brown or khaki).

The Bobkona Rui 3-Piece Bonded Leather Reversible Sectional Sofa with Matching Ottoman has been tailor made for comfort and excellence.

Human body is like a machine but much more sensitive and responsive, so it requires care and look after. Relaxation is the fuel of the human mind and the body. It is the time that the body requires for itself to rejuvenate and to regenerate the bodily forces that were exhausted during the days work. For this reason the relaxing environment must be created in the work environment so that the people can relax after a tough days work.

Moreover, it is also the best fit for the party environment. It is one of the most relaxing seating couches and is made to blend in with almost any environment. Its dark brown color radiates certain warmth which gives the cozy and a relaxing feeling. Bobkona Rui 3-Piece Bonded Leather Reversible Sectional Sofa with Matching Ottoman is one of the must have items of your living room if you want to have relaxing nap or sit down with your friends. It blends in so well with the environment of the living room that you will think of it as the backbone of your decoration. It is just so comfortable that you will feel like sitting on air or clouds.

Bobkona Rui 3-Piece Bonded Leather Reversible Sectional Sofa with Matching Ottoman has been tailor made for comfort and excellence. It is simply majestic in its appearance and is elegant and graceful. It has hardwood legs and is covered in fine smooth grain bonded leather which is the best you can find of its kind. It has been made to perfection and designed by the best craftsmen. It’s every joint and every stich is honed to perfection and excellence. Ottoman is the piece alongside this furniture that really holds a surprise. You may have heard that Ottoman is an added comfort with the luxurious sofa sets that are used for placing ones feet stretching out a bit or just for extra seating arrangements in case of party or hangouts, but this ottoman has a surprise under its soft leather seat and that is a storage unit!
Who would have thought of that a storage unit inside an Ottoman? You can store your cocktails near the very sofa you are sitting on. All of you party guys know how difficult it really is to get up and go to the fridge when you are sitting relaxing or watching a movie. Bobkona Rui 3-Piece Bonded Leather Reversible Sectional Sofa with Matching Ottoman is the best thing that can ever possibly happen to your living room so don’t just stand there go and try it out.

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Princeton Leather Sofa, Loveseat and Recliner Chair Set

3pc Princeton Tri-Tone Leather Sofa Loveseat & Recliner Chair Set
  • You will receive a total of 1 sofa, 1 loveseat and 1 recliner chair.
  • Sofa Dimension: 83.5"L 39"W 37"H
  • Loveseat Dimension: 62"L 39"W 37"H
  • Recliner Dimension: 42"L 39"W 37"H
  • Finish: Tri-Tone Burgundy
  • Material: Top Grain / Spilit
  • 3 pieces sofa, loveseat and recliner chair from the Princeton Collection.
  • Tri-Tone Leather, decorative moldings and individually placed nail heads highlight this sets gentle curves.
  • Tri-Tone leather is a carefully crafted cover which blends 3 colors to create this high end look.
  • Item features hardwood frame, webbed base construction, 1.8 cushion with Dacron wrap.
  • Matching Occasional Coffee table set is sold separately.

Sitting room and the living rooms are the most prominent and the exposed part of the interior of our house. Whenever someone comes to visit you will always keep them at these places thus it is the interface of your house and your personality to the outer world. The outlook of the personality and the house matters so much in this world where the first impressions are the most fundamental and of decisive nature. In the interior designing the aspect of seating arrangements is a challenging task which must be handled with great care and foresight.

Interior designers take into account the lighting, color and the space of the area into account before deciding on particular furniture types. Being a customer the basic requirement in case of seating furniture is the level of comfort and the beauty and excellence it imparts to the surroundings. The 3 piece Princeton Tri-Tone Burgundy Leather Sofa Loveseat & Recliner Chair Set is one of the finest choices for you. Continue reading

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Modern White Leather Sectional Sofa with Built-in Light

Choice of furniture plays an important role in the interior décor of a house. Not only that it is also important that the furniture may be chosen keeping in mind the storage, seating and living requirements. Real life is not a fancy dream world or a computer program in which we cannot always undo the moves already made. An arrow fired from the bow cannot be brought back. Once decisions like these are made we cannot undo them easily. We must keep our needs for the future in our mind when deciding upon the choice of furniture in our house. Continue reading