Mahogany Alexandria Buffet Server & Sideboard Cabinet with Wine Storage

Constructed of solid hardwood and wood veneers, this buffet server/sideboard cabinet is designed for longevity. The beautiful raised panel doors and drawers, provide the ultimate in style to dress up your home. The three deep drawers provide an abundance of storage space. Behind the two doors, you will find adjustable shelves and storage space for things that you prefer to be out of sight. The center storage area is great for up to 12 bottles of wine, or if you prefer, remove the wine storage cubes to reveal an adjustable shelf. Style, function and quality make this buffet server a wise addition to your home.

Food, cloth and shelter are basic necessities of life. Kitchen and the dining room are very important in every home whether belongs to barons or the average middle class. A well-arranged kitchen is the sign of master chef. A master craftsman is always organized and values his tools. The tools in the culinary sciences are ingredients and the dishes. In a well arranged kitchen there should be no cluttering and everything should be out of the way until required.

Alexandria buffet server is just the thing for your kitchen. It combines utility with style and magnificence. The three deep drawers are quite spacious and give adequate space to store cutlery. It also has two voluminous cabinets segmented into two potions. These are perfect to store dishes and pots. The design of the Alexandria buffet server is vintage and classic. It has brass hardware which stands out on the hand rubbed multi step finish. The elegance is increased many folds by raised panel doors. Hand rubbed to perfection and smoothness, it has been given special multistep finish to make the shine last forever more and to increase the durability of the structure.

It has hard wood and veneer construction. Veneer is made by gluing together two thin sheets of high quality wood with grains at right angle. This crisscross design reduces the chance of splitting and cracking. The glue used in the process is waterproof and durable as it is also used in aircraft and marine construction. Thus the result is stronger than natural wood. Since it does not split and crack so its shine remains throughout the year both in summer and winter. On contrary to the popular belief it is more durable than natural wood. Who does not know the benefits of hardwood? It gives you the natural beauty, the strength and the durability no other material can come close to. With a proper finish it is the most beautiful and elegant furniture of all. Alexandria buffet server combines the benefits of both hardwood and veneer in one piece.

Last but not the least it has a classic wine storage along with all the other benefits. It has the capacity to store 12 bottles. It is the perfect thing to keep in your kitchen. A classic wine storage of your own, everyone cherishes the storages when they visit a vintage restaurant. With all these utilities, three drawers, two cupboards and wine storage it is really worth its cost.

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